Saturday, October 23, 2010


Also known as the marsupial lion, this carnivore is estimated at a relatively small size: about 1.14 to 1.5m.

However, it was seemingly extremely specialised for killing large prey.

First, its jaws boasted great shearing teeth. According to research, the Thylacoleo is the mammal with the most powerful bite yet discovered.

Secondly, it had paws almost like human hands. Apart from the traditional claws for gripping and cutting, the paw also possessed a semi-opposable thumb tipped with a large curved claw.

Finally, it had the ability to rear up on two legs, giving the paws full opportunity to maul its prey.

But when it was a herbivore before the fall of man, it possibly stood up to pluck fruits from the tree branches.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Before any animals are shown, it is important to know that the same fossil can reconstructed into something totally different.
To prove this point, let's take a look at a Confuciusornis.

Study these two images:

Taken from:

Taken from:
These depictions of the same bird are quite different, aren't they? One looks beautifully designed while the other looks ugly and perhaps a work of evolution. (Not meaning that all animals today seem beautiful)

Thus, we can say extinct animals can be portrayed to look however we want them to look based on our beliefs.

So, we must not be deceived by such pics.


This blog is now officially begun.

This blog is for the purpose to display the wonder of all of God's creations that are now gone from the face of the earth.

Creatures that can be counted on to be posted:
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